Pyschedelic Integration: what is it? and How does it work with ketamine

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Casey Brachvogel
September 21, 2021

A psychedelic revolution of sorts is underway.
Researchers and experts are investigating the therapeutic benefits associated with psychedelic drugs
including ketamine.
An important exploration of these drugs now includes psychotherapy.
Naturally, if you experience something like an altered state of consciousness, it is necessary to integrate
what you experienced to fully benefit from it. That’s where psychedelic integration comes in.
Experts in the field of psychedelics provide incredible support to participants who are undergoing
ketamine therapies.
If you are considering or interested in using ketamine to treat your mental health, consider the following

What Is Ketamine Psychedelic Integration Therapy?

Individuals who undergo a psychedelicexperience in an altered state of consciousness can find it
challenging to fit what they experienced in their day-to-day life. Psychedelic integration helps people do
precisely that.
To put it simply, this is a new and expanding field of psychology that assists people in gathering insights
from these experiences and teaches them to use it as a tool for progress.
While most people find their psychedelic experience mind-blowing,they also report having trouble
remembering their ‘trip’ and making meaning out of it.
This is unfortunate, as most experiences contain hidden gems that remove the veil between what the
conscious state has people doing and what they could be doing if they heal and discover their true
For millennia, human beings have used altered states of consciousnessto explore their inner worlds and
get in touch with deeper sides of existence. The same can be said of people today who wish to use the

This deeply personal, yet uniquely human, process does require some assistance, however. Especially in
a world where most people are disconnected from their daily circadian rhythm, let alone their
subconscious mind.
To combat the issue, psychedelic integration therapy was created.
The substances taken, too, have evolved over the centuries.
Today, ketamine is one of the most popular drugs used to alter consciousness and help people heal.
While it is illegal to use ketamine in the United States, there are certain studies available for certain
people to participate in and experience the benefits of this psychedelic.
In this setting, a professional helpsindividuals re-integrate their mind, body, and spirit after their
experience. Offering a non-judgmentalspace to individuals who have previously explored these altered
states allows people to clarify their goals, learn more self-care, and in general process what they

Who Benefits from Ketamine Integration Therapy

In terms of mental health, ketamine therapy has shown promising results. There are multiple segments
of people who benefit from using this drug including the following.


Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder, or PTSD, has shown to benefitfrom ketamine treatment. For people
who have not found relief in conventional PTSD treatments,such as medication and psychotherapy,
ketamine therapy integration can be beneficial. Many people have enjoyed significantrelief from using
ketamine to treat PTSD in approved of studies.

Treatment-Resistant Depression

For those experiencingmajor depression, ketamine has become a source of relief. Depression can lead
to suicidal thoughts and for many people it proves fatal. However, ketamine for depression has been
shown to provide relief from symptoms. This is the most widely studied mental health disorder,
particularly with psychedelic therapy. Treatment-resistant depression may be transformed into a milder
form of depression or simply eradicated with help from ketamine integration therapy.


Over a third of the population experiences an anxiety-related disorder at some point in their lives. For
those unable to find relief, ketamine provides an option that could prove beneficial. Researchers have
explored it for anxiety treatment with promising results.

How Does Psychedelic Integration Therapy Work?

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of ketamine infusion, let’s dive a bit deeperinto how psychedelic
integration therapy works. It’s always better to be prepared before you start any new therapies and
understanding what to expect can also ease your concerns.
First, let’s discuss who it’s good for.
Psychedelic integration therapy utilizes a harm reductionmodel, which means a space of non-judgment
and curiosity is crucial to healing. For people who have explored ketamine or who are planning to, this
type of therapy aids in creating a safe space where you can dive into the potential benefits of using
ketamine and reap the rewards of integrating it. If this sounds like you, then you could greatly benefit
from psychedelic integration.
You also don’t want to arrive at your session while under the influence.
The goal of your therapy session is to set intentions and grounding practices for your journey with
ketamine, address any fears you may have about going into the experience and how it might affect you,
and help with processingwhat you have experienced after you come out the other side. Your therapist
will also likely provide support to make connections between your daily life and the insights gained
during your psychedelic experience.
Conversely, if any negative experiences occurred while under the influence, a therapist will also assist
you in processing those and re-entering your day-to-day life once again.
Going Beyond Your Session, Why You Should Continue On Your Inner Journey
Once on the otherside of your therapy session and ketamine trip, it can be tempting to assume all your
hard work is done. That is not the case.
Experts highly recommend partaking in other practices to fully benefit from the experience.One way is
through breathwork. Another is by being in nature.
Connection to nature helps us facilitate the natural connectedness of all things. It helps be engaged with
our surroundings and gives us a deeper sense of peace that is difficult to achieve through therapy alone.
All of this enables us to take the profound experience achieved through a psychedelic trip into our lives.
As a general rule of thumb, the point of exploring different states of consciousnessis to integrate what
we’ve learned. To do so, an active schedule of seeing a therapist, walking in nature, writing, and
expressing ourselves creatively is necessary.
If we keep this information in mind, as well as understand that these experiences require lifelong
integration, we can deeply benefit from substances like ketamine.

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